Why Performance Edge Baseball Training?

The road to gaining higher velocity baseball performance requires a well-designed plan. Execution of this plan requires adequate structure of time, proper arm care/recovery, and the right frame of mind. Each athlete (pitchers, batters, catchers, youth) receives a free arm evaluation to create strength training programs built to address each individual’s deficiencies. Performance Edge combines a wealth of baseball coaching and instructional experience with state of the art training and technology. We create custom baseball player training programs for each athlete. Performance Edge is more than just a program, it’s a commitment.

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The Process for Velocity

FACT: Velocity Matters. Velocity matters for pitchers to be able to advance beyond high school baseball and perform at the collegiate and professional level. Velocity matters for the defensive player. It gives you the ability to slow down base runners and disrupt an opponent’s game plan. The argument about velocity in baseball and its significance is over.

The conversation we should be having is the best process for velocity development. “Fly-by-Night” programs that promise gains in only a few short weeks are detrimental to a player’s future. These programs are risky because they place the value of velocity ABOVE the foundational structure of the athlete.

velocity training

Not saying that you won’t see quick results from these programs. There’s no way coaches and trainers could guarantee results without data to back it up, right? When you only train velocity and overlook strength and movement patterns, it significantly increases the chances for injury and the inability to sustain performance.
​You cannot short cut this process! You must take the time to analyze an athlete’s deficiencies to build a training program with a foundation of strength, recovery and  movement patterns.


I’ve been coming to Performance Edge for seven years now. It’s different; I like different. Arm care, taking care of your body, and knowing your body – if you come to  Performance Edge you can get those right.

Daniel Mendgen
Pitcher, Oakland Athletics

Arm Recovery | Risk Assessment | Post Injury Rehabilitation

Shoulder and elbow injuries in ALL baseball players, amateur to professional, adolescents to adults, have reached epidemic proportions.  Nearly 1 in 3 active MLB pitchers has undergone Tommy John surgery. Even more distressing is that the number of high school baseball players requiring this same surgery has increased 10-fold in the past several years. There are several known risk factors responsible for this; volume of pitching, year round baseball programs, and premature sport specialization in the adolescent athlete.  However, there are other more obscure reasons for the exponential rise in arm injuries such as under-throwing, under-training, improper or inadequate training programs, and insufficient arm recovery emphasis after training.

​A well designed “arm care” program must address the athlete as a whole but also be customizable and flexible enough to address the unique needs of each individual athlete. These programs typically focus on the following: complete body strength and conditioning, agility and flexibility, biomechanical evaluation, sport specific training and customized recovery. This approach allows optimal body development and appropriate tissue adaptation while minimizing cumulative stress, tissue degradation and injury.

Performance Edge specializes in teaching athletes the importance of arm care and injury prevention with innovative throwing programs and state-of-the-art recovery equipment like the Marc Pro 900Voodoo Floss Bands, and more.

​Biomechanics | Command | Pitch Shaping

With the use of our High Speed cameras, we produce quality video which gives us instant bio-mechanical feedback from multiple angles. This gives us the ability to quickly review and continuously study our players.  Using Video analysis, we breakdown and assess each player’s delivery. These evaluations help expose a players delivery deficiencies, help us find injury risk and elevated stress factors, and give us a clear view of the kinetic chain in action. Video Analysis programs like Dartfish and RightViewPro create a visual learning aid and form a classroom like environment.

Pitch shaping provides a unique opportunity for our pitchers to understand how spin rate and spin axis correlates with pitch movement, velocity, and effectiveness. Rapsodo Baseball gives pitch by pitch data to effectively create a new pitch and improve a pitchers current repertoire. For example, lets learn to get the curveball to break later towards the plate, create more vertical break on a slider, and find more arm-side sink on your two-seam fastball. Click here to learn more about the effectiveness of Rapsodo Baseball and incorporating this tool into your bullpen session. Driveline Baseball has been leading the way in data collection & research, creating a solid foundation and format for the use of Rapsodo Baseball for better pitch shaping results. 

Strength | Power | Speed 

The Strength Program, led by Trae Davis, is a comprehensive program that’s created for each individuals strength needs and deficiencies. The program starts with a mobility/functional movement assessment and baseline strength test. This program is educational, as we are teaching our athletes the importance of lifting technique, the role of hydration and the science behind nutrition and meal planning.  Davis is a certified sports nutritionist, and he creates personalized meal plans for athletes to get the most out of their training.
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Performance Edge cares about their players and getting them to the next level, both physically and mentally. They promote their players to reach goals on and off the field. 

CJ Ebarb
Midwest Crosschecker
Toronto Blue Jays

Performance Edge uses new age training and resources that allow them to perform ahead of their time.

Colby Holzapfel
Pitcher, Lamar University

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